Reordering our Loves

We humans love many things.

We love exercise.
We love food.
We love family and friends.
We love our work…some of us anyway.
We love leisure.
We love our tech, our cars and our homes.
We even love love.
How much we love any one thing will depend on where we are in life. I have always loved my family, but now that I am a father my love for family has grown even deeper.
When Jesus enters our lives He desires, no, demands to be our number one love. He calls us to love Him before our family, friends and even ourselves.
How do we get there? How can we love a God whom we have never seen? How can we love a God that seems so far away? Through prayer. In these Shadowlands God can only be known by living a life of faith, through studying His Word and through the practice of prayer.
During the next few weeks together we will learn to reorder our loves by living prayerful lives.