Our Vision Statement

South Loop Church is a movement of Jesus followers who are commited to loving and serving their community.

We Value…

…Jesus Christ above ourselves.

…God’s Words above our own.

…people above programs.

…eternal life above this life.

…authenticity above religiosity.


We Believe…

…in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

…that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and is Himself the One True God. Through His Life, Death and Resurrection he has given us the opportunity for a better today and an incredible tomorrow.

…that Jesus Christ has called His followers to be the Church, a movement that is intended to bring His Kingdom to a fallen, messed up world.

…that everyone has been given the free will to step into, or away from God’s grace of forgiveness and transformation. Those who step into grace and dedicate their lives to becoming like Jesus will experience life eternal. Those who step away from God’s grace choose death and eternal separation from God.

…that followers of Christ are to be salt and light in this world by making the world a better place as Christ lives through them.

…that Jesus has given us His Holy Spirit to empower us to live for Him and accomplish His work.

…that Jesus Christ is coming again to rule and reign in His eternal Kingdom.


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